How to Setup Authorize.Net

How to Setup Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is a payment gateway that allows brokerages to process payments made by credit or debit card. Admin users can enable Authorize.Net to make it easier for vendors, clients and other parties to make payments.


Before Activating your integration, you will need to generate some unique connection keys from Authorize.Net.


  1. Go to and sign in.


    2. Navigate to your Account Settings tab > then “API Credentials & Keys”.



3. Find your API Login ID, and note down the number.




       4. Then, select the checkbox to obtain a New Transaction Key.




    5. Click the Submit button.


    6. You will be prompted to verify your ID, which you can do by receiving a code to your email. Click REQUEST PIN.




    7. Check your email for the PIN code and enter it in the form on Authorize.NetClick VERIFY PIN.




    8. If successful, you will be shown a confirmation message.


    9. On the next page, copy the Generated Key. You will use this to setup your Zipi Authorize.Net integration.


Important: You will not be able to copy this key code again later. Make sure you copy to a safe location correctly.



  1. Go to Company > Marketplace.


2. Find the Authorize.Net integration and click Activate.


    3. Enter your Authorize.Net API Login ID and Generated Key.


    4. Select or add the account for the Related Ledger Account.


    5. Click Save.


Congratulations, you have now connected Authorize.Net facility to Zipi.


Next steps: Authorize.Net Security Settings for Payment Processing

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