Dec 23 2021 Release Notes


New Updates

  • 1099-NEC Forms for 2021

    • We've updated our 1099-NEC Financial Reporting for the 2021 calendar year. Users may now pull these Reports and export the PDF based on their compensation in Zipi for the year.
  • Products & Services and Chart of Accounts 

    • Users can no longer use Closing Credits and Debits as a Product & Service. Additionally, the Closing Clearing Chart of Account cannot be edited and/or removed.
  • Bank Reconciliations

    • Users can now view payments made and their associated reverted payments during bank reconciliation. These associations will be highlighted in gray.


  • On-boarding Process

    • When signing up for Zipi Financial through our Gateway, we now allow a second line for the user's address. Use this field to input data such as Suite or Apt #.
    • We’ve enhanced the Chart of Account import process to include better recognition of parent-child accounts.
  • We’ve made an enhancement to our General Reports, Contact Report, at the Company Level, to better filter by Zipi’s Marketplace Add-Ons. Users can now check if Marketplace Add-Ons (Zipi Financial, DotLoop, SkySlope) are activated by a Contact.


  • In our Deals Module, we've updated the ability to filter based on advanced searches and parameters. Users can now customize easier by custom date ranges, Property Classes, Tags, Sources of Business, etc. Use the pencil icon in the top right to expand the search area, and click "Show Advanced Filters" for more.

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed an issue with our Role options with Profiles. Our "Default Admin" role now shows when using the drop-down menu when creating a new Profile.

  • We've fixed an error message that previously appeared when navigating to the Escrow Deposit Module within the edit Deals page.
  • We've fixed an issue where previously, deleted deals still showed in the search bar at the top of the page.


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