Nov 24 2021 Product Release


New Updates

Zipi Pay has officially been replaced by Zipi Financial within our Marketplace. To Access Zipi Financial, log into your account and click the Marketplace. Users can then follow the directions to Activate Zipi Financial and Add a Bank Account.


  • Auto-Tags

    • We've made changes to the auto-tags functionality. Changes to auto-tags will now impact all deals and report filters. Previous and already approved deals will not inherit new tags.
  • Zipi Financial Setup

    • We've updated our Entity form information to exclude PO Boxes as a valid address.
    • Our requirements for Representation Ownership Percentage has changed to allow only for whole numbers (no decimals, ex: 35.5%).
  • Reporting

    • We've reformatted our Detailed Transaction Reports to remove unnecessary break lines before and after any non-primary sales entities.
    • We've updated the following Reports to allow a multi-pick option for specific filters:
      • Products within Product Reports
      • Source of Business within Detailed Transaction Reports
      • Source of Business within Source of Business Reports
  • Banking

    • We've updated the bank reconciliation date formatting to match the country where Zipi is currently in use.
    • Users can now delete and restore items from a bank account feed. Toggle between the "Bank Feed" and "Delete" options to see transactions:

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed incorrect calculations in the Agent Performance Report.
  • We've fixed the assignment of a paid bill that is deducted within a deal from the Agent when Paid At Remaining. The bill is now assigned to the Agent, whereas before it was assigned to the Brokerage.
  • Our User Interface is updated to give clearer directions to Zipi users if their credentials fail when attempting to connect a bank account.
  • Users can now create checks from the Payments Made module. On the left hand side, move to Purchases >> Payments Made. Click "Create Payment" in the top right corner. While creating a payment, choose "Check" under Payment Mode.
  • We've updated our functionality with DotLoop to override a dollar amount that is not a whole number under the Additional Commission input field. For example, $500.25 will not be accepted. On a Save, the amounts in both DotLoop & Zipi should return to the previous non-decimal number. A badge will show to alert the user of the attempted change and the most recent dollar amount.


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