Oct 27 2021 Product Release


New Features

We've created a new "One Click" Feature in a drop-down menu, giving users a shorter path to taking actions around the platform. A few examples of easy to access items are:

    • Create a new deal
    • Create an Invoice
    • Pay a Bill
    • Record a Journal Entry
    • Make a financial transfer between 2 bank accounts

Note: User's access to each Zipi Module via this menu will depend on the access permissions given by their Broker Administrator.


Zipi Financial

Users may now add a bank account to Zipi Financial using the micro deposits method. Two small amounts, each between $0.01 - $0.99, will be entered into your bank account. The user may then enter these amounts into Zipi to complete the verification process.




We've created a report to sort Agent Deals based on its Source of Business. The report will show:

    • Number of deals for each SOB, sorted by Transaction Type.
    • The total volume amount of all these deals in dollars. These prices are the Adjusted Sales Price.
    • The percentage of deals within the filtered SOB out of all deals related to the selected Sales Entity) out of 100%.

Note: When all Sources of Business are shown and a deal does not have an SOB attached, it is placed under the category of "Undefined."



Google Data Studio

The below Google Data Studio Tables/Fields have been updated to reflect the standard Date & Time format (some items were previously presented as Text-type fields).

Note: If any of these fields are currently shown as Text-type fields on your existing Reports, you are required to re-create the Report OR update the Report Data Source in order to reflect these changes. Previously saved Reports and/or Data will not automatically update.  For assistance in updating the Report's Data Source, please reference this article.


Bug Fixes

Trade Sheets

Fixed: We've fixed a permissions issue when viewing Trade Sheets. Depending on a user's access, they should be able to view any Trade Sheet in the Condensed, Expanded, or Expanded with Notes versions.


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