How to Create a Contact



What is a Contact?


First things first, what exactly is a Contact?  A Contact in Zipi can refer to anyone who is not a user of Zipi. Some examples could be a referral company such as OpCity, someone that you need to send a bill to, a customer and/or a vendor such as a title company. 

Please note: When a Profile (log-in required) is created in Zipi, a Contact is automatically created but when a Contact is created, a Profile is not.  


How to Create a Contact:


1. In the left navigation menu, first go to Contacts



2. Next, you are going to click on the + Contact button



3. Specify whether you are creating a Contact for an individual or a company



4. Lastly, fill out the required fields (minimum of first and last name) and hit the Create button.

Note: if you choose a company contact instead of individual, the only required field is the company name but you can always choose to add more detailed information. 







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