How to Edit an Approved and/or Processed Deal


Once a deal has been "approved", all of your values will be locked and cannot be changed unless you first un-approve the deal. We understand that there may be instances where you've approved, confirmed payment and paid any remaining bills on a deal and then realized you needed to back and edit that deal. In this case, you will need to follow the steps below in order to disconnect any paid bills, revert your payments and un-approve your disbursement authorization form:

First, you must Disconnect any Bills that have been paid out in the Remaining Tab (if applicable):

1. Disconnect the Bill in the Remaining Tab


2. Go to the Bills Module and Void this bill by removing the payment made



Note: this will not revert any payments that have been made, we are simply voiding the bill and turning the payment into a credit to the agent as we are going to recreate this later


Next, you will navigate back to the Deal to the Closing Tab

3. Revert the payment in Closing Tab



Finally, Unapprove the Deal & Make Necessary Changes

4. Unapprove the deal


5. Make the necessary Changes to the deal


Once Changes Have Been Made, You Can Now Re-approve & Process the Deal 

6. Re-approve the deal

7. Re-confirm Payment Received in the "closing tab"

8. Select Create Bill in the "remaining tab"

9. Upon creation of new bill, check the box that says Skip & Pay Later on the bottom left corner of the pop-up



Use the Credits Created for the Agent to Record Payment on the Bill

10. Go to the Bills Module and click on the Bill that was just created in step #9


11. Apply Credits to the Bill to Pay


Note: The agent may have more credits available that the total balance of the bill, you can simply apply just the balance of this bill and leave the remaining credits associated to the agent



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