2021-08-10 Product Release


New Features

  • Users can now add multiple email recipients in the "Email Disbursement" pop-up when editing a deal. This also applies to Dual Deals, where users can choose to send one or both sides of the DA.




  • We've updated the Agent Performance Report. When more than 1 agent is listed on a deal, only the Primary Agent of that deal will show in the Report. The "Deal Count" will be listed as the Primary Agent, and the "Deal Volume," being the Sales Price, will show as 100% attributed to the Agent.


    What's in it for you?

    Our Agent Performance Reports are less confusing and should be easier to read for all users.


  • We made Field and Layout changes to our Detailed Transactions Reports.

What's in it for you?

The Detailed Transaction Report has more comprehensive details and an easier to read layout. The new features include:

  • Transaction Types now match the types on the Deal Page: 
          • Listing (Sale)
          • Buyer (Sale)
          • Landlord (Rental)
          • Tenant (Rental)
          • Referral
  • User can now filter by their custom Source of Business choices.
  • No changes to the "Entity" field, but please note the Entity refers to Any Agent listed on the Deal with a Disbursement Card. The deal will show on the Report all entities in the deal. All non-Primary Agents on a deal and their splits will be shown when the line item is expanded.

All these changes are reflected on the Web (Zipi.co), PDF, and .csv versions of the Report.




Bug Fixes

Rules & Deals

Fixed: Admins may now create an Entity Income/Expense within the Company Rules Module for Agents based on "% of Deal Net by [based on Deal Split]." Users can add an Entity Income/Expense to a Deal using these parameters as well.



Fixed: We've adjusted the Late Fees structure. If the Invoice has a status of "Processing," late fees will be applied only if the Invoice is past its due date and the processing payment has failed. Please note that Zipi runs a daily process check to add any late fees to Invoices at 5 am Pacific Standard Time. 


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