2021-28-09 Product Release


New Features

  1. Deal approvals out of sequence will receive a pop-up window notifying the User that there are existing Unapproved Deals with a Closing Date prior to the deal being Approved. This notification will also list Approved Deals with a Closing Date after the current deal's Closing Date. Example shown below:



What's in it for you?

Enhanced accuracy for deals you're approving. Be sure that the deals you're approving are in sequence with the correct numbers displayed, and if they aren't, you'll be notified. 


  1. Updates have been made to the loading performance and accuracy of Deal information when manually syncing Deals via our Integration Partners (Dotloop & SkySlope).

What's in it for you?

Faster and more accurate manually synced deals. 

Bug Fixes


Fixed: Removed the duplication of Sales Entities when a Deal uses a Referral. 


Fixed: Payroll information within the Payroll tab of the Contacts Module now updates and saves when importing Company Contacts.

Fixed: Filtering within the Contacts Module is now more consistent and saves the User's filtered settings while navigating throughout the platform.


Fixed: When uploading a deal from SkySlope, the Commissions Tab within the SkySlope add-on stays visible. Users can edit commissions and other data within this tab and allow it to re-sync with Zipi.




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