Create a Journal Entry


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Creating a Journal Entry

  1. Go to Company > Finance > Journal

  2. This takes you to the Journal page

  3. Click + Create Entry at the top right of the page

  4. This will open up a section where you can input your journal details

  5. You can enter the following details:

    1. Date: By default, this is today's date. You can change it, if required
    2. Journal Type
      • Cash:  Choose this option, if you want this transaction to appear only in Cash basis reports
      • Both: Choose this option, if you want this transaction to appear in both Accrual and Cash basis reports
    3. Reference #: This is an optional field if you want to include a number to reference back to for this entry
    4. Notes: This is an optional field for any notes you want to record about the journal entry
    5. Account: This is where you can select a ledger account created in Zipi
    6. Description: You can add any description you need here
    7. Division: You can associate the transaction to a Division here

      Please Note: This option will only be available if the selected ledger account is accessible to any Division(s). You can read about this at: COA - Make Ledger Accounts Accessible for Divisions
    8. Debit: Input the amount debited to the account here
    9. Credit: Input the amount credited to the account here
    10. Add Line: You can use this button to add an additional entry

    11. Once you have filled out the required fields, you can either save the journal as a draft or create it
    12. Save as draft does not publish the values to the general ledger, it just allows you to start a journal entry, enter some figures and come back to it later without losing anything. You can view it on the Journal page with the status Draft

    13. Once created, you can view the journal entry under on the Journal page with the status Published 


Editing a Journal Entry

Once created, you can edit the journal entry by clicking Edit in the overflow menu. 


You can edit any of the fields and once done, click Save.



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