How to Create a Report for Agents


Reports are a convenient way to review summaries or detailed tables of your businesses' financials. Our report generator gives you the ability to create highly customized reports covering multiple angles of your business. Any reports created in your personal Zipi account will be for your eyes only. Each user can create their own reports.


1. First make sure you are under the My Business drop down. Then, in the left navigation menu, go to the Reports


2. Click the Create button at the top right of your screen


4. This opens a section on your screen where you can choose your report type and parameters


5. Select the type of Financial Report you want to run

6. Based on the report type you choose, you will be asked to enter values for the different parameters

7. Once that's done, click Run


You will now have generated your custom report. You can download it as a PDF, save it in Reports, or edit it. If you do not click "save", your report will not appear in "all reports."


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