2021-02-08 Product Release



  1. You can now create financial transfers for for any amount greater than $0 on a deal
  2. You can see the breakdown for the Company Split

  3. You can now edit and delete My Report categories. Once a report category is deleted, the report(s) under it are moved to Uncategorized

  4. You can now delete My Reports via the overflow menu

  5. If a deal is missing a required field and you try to save it, Zipi will expand all disbursement cards
  6. You now have the option to email the following for dual deals:
    • Deal Disbursement
    • Dual Deal Disbursement
    • Deal Disbursement and Dual Deal Disbursement

      Note: Emailing disbursements is currently a Beta feature that requires activation in order to be used. Please contact your Zipi Customer Success representative for assistance
  7. Zipi will only accept email addresses with the format example@email.com for emails for:
    • Contacts
      • Persons
      • Departments
    • Profiles
    • Divisions
    • Franchises

Bug Fixes


Fixed: Not being able to perform multiple Rules overrides on a deal.


Fixed: "updated_at: null is not a valid date" error when generating some reports. 



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