Import Chart of Accounts


Before you start importing your Chart of Accounts, please ensure you have created any relevant Divisions in Zipi. This will allow Zipi to assign (if applicable) any Division-specific ledger accounts upon import.

  1. Go to Company > Data


  2. This takes you to the Data page


  3. Click the Import/Export dropdown at the top right of your screen and click Import


  4. Click Chart of Accounts


  5. This will take you to the import wizard


  6. You can import data from the following file types:
    • .csv
    • .txt
    • .tsv
  7. The data does not need to be in any particular order, you just need to ensure that you have one record per row
  8. Click Upload data from file to upload a file from your computer


  9. Once you have uploaded your file, you will be asked to identify any rows with headers in the file


    • Zipi will identify the first row as the header by default, if that is the case, you can click Yes and proceed to the next step


    • If your header row is different, you can click Select another row


      • This will allow you to select another row as the header row by clicking the radio button next to the row


      • Once you have selected the row, click Confirm to proceed to the next step


    • If you have no headers, click No header row to proceed to the next step


  10. The next step is to match the columns in your file to the available options in Zipi


    Note: Zipi only has the following columns:
    - Account Name
    - Account Type
    - Ledger Code
    - Description
    - Parent Name
    - Bank Account Number
    - Currency
    - Show in Expenses? Should this specific ledger account be available as an Account Type Expense. Choose Yes only for the expenses you want visible and No for the ones you do not. 
    - Accessible for All Divisions? Should this specific ledger account be visible and available for assignment to all Company Divisions. Choose Yes in all rows if you want every ledger account to be visible to all companies and divisions within your organization.
    - Accessible for named Company Divisions. Which Company Division(s) should be able to view or assign accounting entries to this specific ledger account. If you have Divisions created within your organization, you can choose which Division each ledger account will be assigned, unless you choose Accessible for All Divisions?

    Some of these columns are only available for certain account types. 

  11. You will see each column from your file represented as a table in this step


    Note: This table will only preview the first three rows of your file. 
  12. You will now match your columns to one of the columns in Zipi. To do that click the Lookup Matching Columns dropdown 


  13. Now choose the Zipi column from the dropdown


  14. The Confirm mapping button will allow you to save these mappings for future imports, meaning Zipi will remember that Account Name column in your file maps to the Account Name column in Zipi


  15. Repeat for all your columns
  16. If you have any columns that don't match the Zipi columns, you can ignore them in this step by clicking Ignore this column


  17. You will need to match the account types from your file to the account types in Zipi


  18. You can do that by selecting an account from the dropdown


  19. Once you have mapped your columns, click Review to move to the next step


  20. The next step allows you to review and if needed, modify your data


  21. Once the data has been modified, click Continue


  22. You will be asked to confirm your submission, click Yes


  23. Next, click Ok


  24. You will now see your imported file on the Data page with the Imported status


  25. Go to Company > Finance > Chart of Accounts


  26. You will see the imported products/services on the Chart of Accounts page



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