Prepare for Onboarding


Watch this for a quick overview of the Onboarding Process:

In this article we will go over the steps you need to take to prepare for onboarding. 

  1. Phase 1: Data Collection & Implementation (~1 week)
  2. Phase 2: Training with your CSM (~2-4 weeks)
  3. Phase 3: Agent Training (~1-2 weeks)
  4. Phase 4: Go Live (~1-2 weeks)

You can expect to spend about 4-8 weeks onboarding with Zipi depending upon how much time you have to dedicate to learning the platform as well as how prepared you are for each step of the process. We realize that switching systems can seem like a lot of work up front, but please know that we are here for you every step of the way! 

Phase 1: Data Collection & Implementation (~1 week)

During this phase, your Customer Success Manager will meet with you to discuss your account set up. In order to best prepare to begin phase 1, you will want to gather the following:

  • Updated Agent Roster
  • Commission Plans
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Historical Deals (if applicable)

Your Customer Success Manager will provide you with the import formats we need this data in during your Intro Call and once you have submitted your data, the implementation process will take place. From the time your data is gathered, you can anticipate about 1 week for the implementation and then you will move into the next phase.

*Remember, switching back-office and accounting platforms can seem like a lot of work up front, but the more information you can provide in the beginning, the more time and manual data entry it will save you in the long run! 

Phase 2: Training with your CSM (~2-4 weeks)

Once all data has been collected and your account has been set up, you will move into Phase 2: Training. Training will be a mix of self-guided task via our platform,, as well as a couple of calls with your Customer Success Manager. During this phase, you can expect to learn all things Zipi: how to navigate the platform, accounting training, transaction management, commission payouts and much more! 

To best prepare for Phase 2, you will want to ensure you have all team members present that should join the onboarding process. For example, if your accountant will be handling all back-office and accounting in Zipi, it is essential that we have them join our trainings to ask questions and learn about the platform. Additionally, please be prepared to dedicate at least 1-hour per week on training calls as well as 1-2 hours per week utilizing our self-guided onboarding platform. 

Phase 3: Agent Training (~1-2 weeks)

Each onboarding package includes one, LIVE, Agent Training which will be recorded and sent back to you for future use. The Agent Training session is optional if you chose to onboard your Agents onto Zipi. This will be scheduled with your Customer Success Manager towards the end of phase 2.

To best prepare for Phase 3, please utilize the Agent Training Email Template included in your map to share with your Agents ahead of the training. This will help let them know what Zipi is as well as what to expect moving foward.

Phase 4: Go Live (~1-2 weeks)

Congrats! You are now LIVE with Zipi! This means that you have completed onboarding and you are now set to use the platform on your own. Once you are LIVE with Zipi, you will still have access to your Account Manager for questions as well as Zipi's Support Team for anything you may need.



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