How to Add Payment Methods for Agents

  1. Login to your My Business account
  2. To input a Payment Method for how you would like to pay your Company, edit the Company Contact and navigate to the Payment Methods tab


  3. You will want to input your Payment Method under "Pay Money (to Contact)" to indicate how you'd like to pay the Company. Click Add Credit Card under Pay Money (to Contact)


  4. This opens, click the down arrow


  5. This will open the Add Credit Card pop-up where you can add your credit card details


  6. On successfully adding the credit card details, you should see it under Pay Money (to Contact)

    Note: Since you entered the card details yourself, you can remove access to this from the broker
  7. Update the Contact to save the card details
    Note: Once added, Zipi will begin processing any outstanding transactions. Please ensure all invoices connected to this Contact are up to date before completing this process.
  8. If the Contact Can Initialize Payment option is not checked, the broker will not be able to charge  you. They will see the card at their end but it will be grayed out 

  9. Be sure to check this box if you want to allow your Company to use this Payment Method to charge you.


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