SkySlope Auto-Sync Settings


You can find the Auto-Sync settings for SkySlope on the SkySlope Integration page. You can read more about it at: Managing the SkySlope Integration


We will look at the following in this article:

Company Settings

  1. Click the Company Settings button on the Connected Users page


  2. This opens the Company Settings page


SkySlope Credentials

This is where you set the credentials for user which used for company wide auto-create. 

Company Wide Auto-Create

  1. To turn on this feature, enable the toggle
    Note: This auto-create will override the Individual Auto-Create. Read more at: SkySlope Individual Settings


    Note: Draft deals created here will not be synced as dual deals in Zipi.

  2. This lets you add the trigger(s) for auto-creation


  3. Any deal that meets these conditions will be auto-created in Zipi. You have the following options:


    • SkySlope Office: You can choose one or multiple SkySlope offices
    • Transaction Type: You can choose Listing, Sale, or both
    • Transaction Status: You can choose between the different SkySlope statuses
    • Enable Notifications: Enabling this option means every users in your company gets a notification every time a deal is auto-created in Zipi


  4. Once you have created you trigger, click Save & Go To Zipi
    Note: Auto-create runs every 5 minutes


  5. Any new deals in SkySlope that meet the criteria will now be auto-created in Zipi

Map Offices to Divisions

This option is used to map SkySlope offices to Zipi divisions. You will see all the offices you have in SkySlope here. You can map each of these offices to a division in Zipi. 




Whenever a deal has a primary agent belonging to First Test Office gets synced in Zipi, it will be part of Division One. 


Document Auto-Uploads

This option uploads the DA and trade sheet from you deal in Zipi to SkySlope when the deal is approved. You can enable the toggle for either or both the DA and trade sheet.


When you approve a deal in Zipi, you will see the DA and trade sheet in SkySlope.


Defaults for Referral Transfers

This option lets you choose a Product/Service from Zipi that is used as a referral and choose to pay it at Closing or Remaining. By default, the product Agent Commission is used. You can access all your  Zipi Products/Services in the dropdown. 



Once you have chosen your product/service and Pay at, click Save & Go To Zipi. Every time you use Agent Commission as a referral on a deal, it will be paid at Remaining. 


Manage Users

Every connection (a synced Deal between Zipi and SkySlope) is linked to the person/creator of that item. This person is considered the connection’s Owner. The term ‘Endorse Connection’ refers to the change in ownership of the connection and was created for situations which require the removal/block of a person in the company, without removing their existing connections.

  1. Click Manage Users at the top right of your page 


  2. This takes you to the Company Users page where you will see all the connected users


  3. Click Endorse Connection for the user you want


  4. Select the user you want to replace this user with in the User for Endorse dropdown


  5. Next, click Check Access to ensure the new user has access to the deals


  6. Click Endorse Connections to finish the process



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