Creating and Deleting Bills


In this article, we will cover:

  1. In the left navigation menu, go to Purchase >> Bills


  2. This takes you to the Bills page


  3. Click the Create button at the top right of your screen


  4. This takes you to the Create Bill page


  5. Enter the following information:

    • Bill Number

    • Vendor name (required)

    • Bill Date (required)

    • References: you can enter the invoice number from your vendor. Using this number helps your team reference whether a bill has been dealt with as a vendor is likely to mention their invoice number when contacting you

    • Add the Description, Quantity, and Rate of the Product you are creating the bill for

    • You can also associate the bill to deals by searching for a deal in Associated Deal Search. You can search for a deal and choose a product from the ones you entered under Items.
      • Once you associate a deal to a bill, you can view the bill on the vendor's card on the deal



    • You can assign the bill to a Division. This option lets you choose from the available company Divisions. It will only show the Divisions if the ledger account is accessible to some or all Divisions. You can read more on assigning Divisions to Bills at: COA - Make Ledger Accounts Accessible for Divisions.  
  6. Once all that is done, click the Create button and choose:


    1. Create as Draft: in order to save the bill as unconfirmed, and editable in the future
    2. Create as Open: to create and confirm your bill, but not send it

Deleting Bills

  1. Click the overflow menu in Actions


  2. Select Edit from the dropdown


    Note: You cannot edit Paid bills. The Edit option will be disabled. 
  3. This will open the Edit Bill page


  4. Click Delete to delete the bill


  5. On successfully deleting the bill, you will see a success message at the bottom of the screen

    Note: If there is payment for the Bill or the related journal has a matched or reconciled transaction, it will not be deleted. You will need to first remove the payments from the Bill, un-match, and un-reconcile the related transaction.

    Bulk Actions

    1. Click the check box next to a bill. You can select multiple at a time


    2. You will see the Bulk Actions button at the top left of your screen


    3. You will see two options here:
        • Delete: You can delete the selected bills
        • Pay Bills: You can pay the selected bills 

      Note: Pay Bills will not be available if a bill has already been paid. 


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