2021-06-18 Product Release



  1. We have updated our Import Products/Services feature. You can read more about it at Import Products/Services.

    What's in it for you?

    An enhanced import of data process from external sources or documents. This is coming soon to other areas of import processes. 

  2. You can no longer edit a deal in a different tab once it has been approved.


    What's in it for you?

    Streamlined editing. It's a fix to the disallowing of multiple users or tabs from overriding  deal changes.

  3. You can now apply credits to Bills created from Source Documents.

    What's in it for you?

    Simplified payments and credits. Pay your bills and apply credits much more easily. 

Bug Fixes


Fixed: The ability to merge contacts was failing. 


Fixed: The profile name was populating the Location Name field on the Contact card when importing profiles to Zipi.

Payments Made

Fixed: Users were not able to view Payments Made.


Fixed: The Sales Entity Configuration section was being removed at deal creation. 
Fixed: Tags were not applying to deal at deal creation.
Fixed: Users were not able to enable/disable disbursement instructions through an override on the Deals page.
Fixed: Primary agents were not displaying on the deal board for deals of Referral type. 

Zipi Pay

Fixed: Payment activity was not showing.


Fixed: Users were allowed to select deactivated bank accounts when creating deposit requests.
Fixed: There were duplicate transactions in the bank feed.
Fixed: When manually creating Trust accounts, you can now assign a division.


Fixed: The Source of Business for connected deals was not updating on the Connection History page for deals connected to Dotloop. 


Fixed: Users were not able to create Report Categories.
Fixed: The Cap report was not displaying updated values.
Fixed: An error displayed when running the Summary Transaction report with the Referral filter.
Fixed: The calculation of the Commission % on the Summary Transaction report has been updated.



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