How to Create a CAP Widget


Required fields for the widget


  1. Title: The title of the widget on the Insights board
  2. Profile: The Profile you want to see the data for 
  3. Financial Element: You can choose any financial element that applies to the selected Profile as part of a Compensation Plan. 
Note: You will only see Elements that are part of a tiered Dynamic Plan

What does the widget show?


This widget shows the Company's share of the deals Strawberry Shortcake is part of along with the tier of the Element. You can find this amount on the Company's card on the deal. 


The Cap goal for this tier is $5,000, this value is defined in the Dynamic Plan.


It can also show the count of deals depending on the Rule.

The CAP widget only shows data from approved deals. These deals have their closing date within the Profile's anniversary year. This will also include any future approved deals. The anniversary date can be found on the Contact card under Compliance.


The widget will show no data if there are no approved deals for the Profile.


As the Profile moves up the tiers, the widget updates. 


Note: Please wait for the Deal Calculations spinner to update to a green checkmark before checking the cap widget. The cap widget will show no values when the spinner is still spinning. 



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