How to Create a Deals by Status Widget


The Deals by Status Widget allows you to keep track of how many deals you have each week, month, quarter, year, or over a custom date range by their status (active, pending, closed, etc.).

Required fields for the widget


  1. Title: The title you want to name your widget for your Insights board
  2. Widget Period: You can choose from: 
    • Current week
    • Current quarter
    • Current month
    • Current year
    • Custom date
  3. Entity: The Profile you want to see the data for. By default, it populates to the signed in user. You can change it to company or custom to view data for other Profiles.
  4. Deal Status: You can choose one or multiple deal statuses from the available Zipi statuses
  5. Deal Type: You can choose one or multiple deal types from the available Zipi deal types

What does the widget show?


This widget shows the total number of deals Alice is part of with closing dates in the current quarter. The different colors on the chart represent the different deal statuses in Zipi. 

  • Blue represents Opportunity
  • Green represents Closed
  • Purple resents Active 
  • Grey represents Cancelled 
  • Orange represents Pending
  • Red represents Processed 

You can hover over the different colors to see the breakdown based on status. 


Note: The widget takes into consideration all the deals Alice is part of. Alice could be the primary agent, just an agent, or even a financial transfer. 


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