How to Create an Income Widget


The Income Widget allows you to set your NET and GCI goals for the month, quarter or year and keep track of how close you are to hitting those goals with each deal that closes.

Required fields for the widget


  1. Title: The title you want to name your widget for your Insights board
  2. Widget Period: You can choose from: 
    • Current week
    • Current quarter
    • Current month
    • Current year
    • Custom date
  3. Entity: The Profile you want to see the data for. By default you, it populates to the signed in user. You can change it to company or custom  
  4. Deal Status: You can choose one or multiple deal statuses from the available Zipi statuses
  5. Deal Type: You can choose one or multiple deal types from the available Zipi deal types
  6. NET Goal: Your goal for the Company's total commission
  7. GCI Goal: Your goal for the total commission for the deals in the selected time period

What does the widget show?


This widget shows the NET and GCI goal for the company with the closing date within the week (Monday to current day). 

The NET shows the company's total commission as a percentage of the goal. 

The GCI shows the total commission for all the deals within the week as a percentage of the goal.  


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