2021-06-07 Product Release



1. We have made some layout changes to the Summary Transaction report. 

What's in it for you? 

Better reporting. The benefit is actually simple: additional information from agent deals better calculates averages for some of the numbers. Talk about a win. 

Bug Fixes


Fixed: The Closing Company address was not populating on the Deals page. Now, the closing company info is displaying in full on the deals page itself. 
Fixed: Users were seeing invoices on the deal even if they didn't have permission.
Fixed: Users were seeing duplicate fees on the Payouts tab. 
Fixed: Profile anniversary dates were not respecting full deal history. 
Fixed: Tags were not applying, or populating, at deal creation. 


Fixed: Invoices or Bills with a remaining balance were showing as Paid. Now, these Invoices or Bills will remain Open.
Fixed: There were rounding issues when recording multiple Bill payments. The miscalculations have been fixed.


Fixed: CAP widget was not recognizing approved deals with the closing date as "today". Now, it's recognizing and approving deals through "today" for more accurate reporting. 


Fixed: Users were not able to add a flat fee for a Royalty element. The fix gives additional flexibility in adding fees to compensation plans.



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