The Disbursement Card


The Disbursement card shows the different sales entities involved in the deal along with a breakdown of their shares. In this article we will be looking at the Disbursement card in detail and see what different values and icons mean.


Let's look at this disbursement card, it has a Deal card, Company card, and a card for each of the Sales Entities

The Deal Card

The Deal card is an overview of the entire deal. So, if you make an edit to the deal card it will affect the deal as a whole. You would want to input any expenses here that you would want to come off the top of the deal, before the commission split.

The Company Card

The Company card shows the company's share of the deal. You can add in any expenses here that should come out of the company's split.

The Sales Entity Card

If you look at the image below, you will see three different sales entity cards. 


  1. For the sales entity, Buster Bunny, we do not see a percentage of the deal which means that they are not an agent, however, they are receiving a portion of income from this deal (i.e. transaction coordinator, closing company, etc.)
  2. Timmy Turner is an agent who gets 25% of the deal
  3. Bugs Bunny is the primary agent (indicated by the star icon) and gets 75% of the deal

Manage Sales Entities 

The Manage Sales Entities button lets you control what sales entities you can add or remove from the deal.


You can do the following in the Manage Sales Entities pop-up:

  • Change Primary Agents
  • Remove Sales Entities
  • Convert to Agents

Change Primary Agents

When you click the overflow menu next to a sales entity on the Manage Sales Entities pop up, you will see the Convert to Primary Agent option. 


Note: This option will not be available for sales entities that are just Contacts and not part of the Directory

Remove Sales Entities 

You can also remove sales entities from the deal as long as they are not the primary agent. If they are the primary agent, you must first make another agent primary then you can remove the non-primary from the deal. 



Convert to Agent

If one of the agents on the deal is part of the Directory, meaning they are a Profile, you have the option to make them an agent on the deal.

Buster Bunny is part of the Directory, so you have the Convert to Agent option here. Use this if you want to add a sales entity who is an agent, therefore, their commission split should be applied to the deal.


Yosemite Sam is just a
Contact, so you only have the option to remove him from the Disbursement card.


Card Details

When you expand each card, you will see two things:

  • Income and expenses
  • Preview card

Income and Expenses

Based on whose card you're on, you will either see only income, expenses and referrals, or more options. For every item you add, you will need to add:

  1. Label: if you leave it blank, it will auto-fill with the product/service name when you choose one
  2. Sender/Receiver Contact
  3. Amount
  4. Product/Service
  5. Disbursement instructions - toggle this on if you would like to add any disbursement instructions for the income/expense and these will appear on the Disbursement Authorization PDF. You can read more about this at: Disbursement Instructions


Deal Card

You have the option for adding the following here:

  • Referral
  • Royalty
  • Deal Income
  • Deal Expense
  • Sales Expense


Company Card

You have the option for adding the following here:

  • Other Income
  • Other Expense


The Company card will always have the Company Compensation transfers that you cannot edit. Company Compensation shows the company's share of the deal. 


Sales Entity Card

You have the option for adding the following on an agent's card:

  • Income
  • Expense
  • Referral 
  • Default Compensation
    Note: Default Compensation will be added by default if the agent is part of a Compensation Plan with a Sales Compensation element. If that is not the case, you can add this transfer manually.




    Note: If the sales entity is not an agent, the Add Item button is disabled.

    Preview Card

    The Preview card shows a break down of all numbers associated with a sales entity and their net income from the deal. 


    You can view the breakdown of splits (only for agents), incomes, expenses, royalties, and referrals. You can expand the section to see the following:

    • Label
    • Amount
    • Fee Type


    By default, the Preview card only shows non-zero values. If you want to see zero-values as well, click the expand icon. 







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