2021-02-05 Product Release


New Features

  1. You can now expand Preview for any sales entity on the Disbursement card to see the breakdown of incomes, expenses, referrals, and royalties. You can expand them to see:
    • Label
    • Amount
    • Type
  2. We have added the option for a Deselect All button on the Deals dashboard so you can de-select any selected deals.


  1. We have updated the format of our trial balance:
    • Accounts Types are listed on the Trial Balance in the following order
      • Assets - Includes all Subtypes
      • Liabilities - Includes all Subtypes
      • Equity - Includes all Subtypes
      • Income
      • Cost of Goods Sold
      • Expense
      • Other Income
      • Other Expense
    • Each Account Type sorts the accounts by Account Code then by Account Name
  2. For information purposes, only users who have access to Financial Reports in Roles can view the PDF 1099 reports in their notifications.
      • If the user does not have the permission for Financial Reports, they just see the notification without the PDF.
  3. If you revert a Payment Received in the deals Payouts section, Zipi updates the status of the Payment Received from Completed to Cancelled.
  4. We have updated Zipi so that when a new Fiscal Year starts, the prior year Profit/(Loss) is rolled into a Retained Earnings Account, so that all income and expense accounts are reset to 0.00 and the Balance Sheet remains in balance.
  5. We have updated our import Contacts error messages so you can see the email causing the error and ensuring that you have a unique company name.
  6. You now have the option to disconnect a bank feed and this will cease to auto import all transactions at that time. However, you can re-connect the same banking feed and specify the start date of the feed.

Bug Fixes

  1. You can add divisions that can conduct transactions as sales entities to a deal.
  2. If you were getting blank Balance Sheets, it has been fixed.
  3. You can now see Processed as an available status on the Deals dashboard. blobid1.png
  4. If you had issues viewing tags or divisions on the edit deal page, it has been fixed. blobid2.png
  5. We have corrected Zipi so that all expenses created when a deal closes are recorded on the date they were paid. We have also corrected any existing transactions.
  6. If you had issues with deals with older closing dates where Approved Payouts did not produce/are not producing auto-generated Expense items to record payment to Agent from the Closing Company (Pay At Closing) - which caused missing values on the 1099 Report, we have fixed it.
  7. If you had issues with widgets on the Insights board replicating, it has been fixed.


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