Add Additional Income or Expenses to a Deal


Think of deal cards - Deal, Company, Sales Entities (agents, vendors or customers) - as money buckets. Income and expenses will flow in and out as you design.

First, expand all deal cards or select the deal card you want to add additional income or expenses to.


Next, click the Add Additional Item button and select the income or expense you wish to add.


  • Deal Financials - If you want to add income or expenses to the DEAL card, those funds will be added or deducted from the deal as a whole, affecting all other cards during the commission plan calculation.

  • Company Financials - As opposed to the deal card, if you add income or expenses to the COMPANY card, those funds will be added to or deducted from the company's card, not affecting any other cards financials.

  • Sales Entity Financials - Similarly, if you add income or expenses to the SALES ENTITY (agent, vendor or customer) card(s), those funds will be added to or deducted from the sales entity's card, only affecting their financials.

Once you add the additional item, make sure to:

  1. Add a Sender Contact (Income) or Receiver Contact (Expense). A new card will be created for this person/entity.
  2. Select a Product/Service for this item. This will auto-fill the Label and Amount.


Finally, remember to click the save button at the bottom-right of the page.


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