2021-01-15 Product Release


What's New

1) When deleting a dual deal, you now have the option to either delete one or both deals

  • Delete Only This Deal will delete the deal you have open.
  • Delete Both Deals will delete both dual deals.





1) We have added warnings for add-on limitations for draft dual deals. 





2) We have removed the Remove button from the agent card on the Edit Deals page. You can now only remove agents from a deal through the Manage Sales Entities popup. 



3) The Manage Sales Entities button will be disabled while Zipi is doing commission calculations in the background. Once Zipi is finished calculating, the button will be re-enabled. 


4) Zipi now auto-creates deal names for you based on both:

      a. The address

      b. Deal participants (Seller or Buyer)


Just leave the deal name field blank and fill in your information and Zipi will create the deal name for you.


5) We have updated the Dual Deal Disbursement PDF so you can produce a single disbursement when the agent represents both sides of the deal. You may still also produce a disbursement for each side of the deal separately.




6) The Banking module now fetches transactions automatically every 8 hours.   

Bug Fixes

1) You will now see a warning if you attempt to create a new profile when your company already has a contact with the same name and empty email field.  This is to avoid creating duplicate contacts. 

2) The following issues with the Income Statement have been resolved:

  • Account Types Cost of Goods Sold and Expense were improperly excluded
  • Account Types Other Income and Other Expenses are now properly reported as Non-Operating Income/Expenses
  • Various formatting issues have been resolved

3) The issue with Net Income/(Loss) being improperly reported on the Balance Sheet has been resolved.  This had resulted in the Balance Sheet being out of balance. 

4) The Profiles Role(s) dropdown now appears even if the Create Profile page hasn't loaded completely. 

5) The date range functionality when generating 1099s, has been fixed.















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