How to Sync Deals from SkySlope to Zipi


Once you have SkySlope activated, you have the option to create it in Zipi or SkySlope when you click Create. Read more at: Activating SkySlope for Agents


If you don't see SkySlope here, then it did not connect. 

With the SkySlope add-on, you have the following options:

Creating Deals with in Zipi from SkySlope

  1. Click SkySlope in the Create dropdown


  2. A new tab will open up with the SkySlope Sync Page


  3. You can search for a SkySlope deal here and filter your results based on creation dates, closing dates, type, or status. Below, you can see deals begin to populate based on the search parameters set.


  4. You can click on any of the search results to view the details and sync the deal
  5. Select all the deals you want to pull into Zipi, ensure they all have the green checkmark. The green checkmark means the deal is ready to sync


  6. By default, when you click a deal, the toggle will switch on indicating you want to pull in the deal, if the toggle does not automatically switch on, then you have an error you will need to fix first (an error would be indicated in red writing in place of the green checkmark)
  7. Once you have selected all of the deals you'd like to pull into Zipi, click the blue Start Sync button on the bottom right hand corner
  8. There is also an option to Validate All. This means select all deals and proceed with syncing all search results
    Note: If you choose to Validate All, you may potentially pull in deals with missing information (i.e. seller's last name, sales price, commission percentage) or create new contacts in Zipi without your permission
  9. To view a list of the required fields when syncing deals from SkySlope to Zipi to avoid any errors. You can read more at: SkySlope Field & Status Mapping.
  10. Once the sync completes, you will see the following screen 


  11. You can click on the deal to view its Connection History 


  12. You will now see the deal in Zipi along with a SkySlope icon indicating the deal came from SkySlope


  13. The deal has a bi-directional sync, any changes made in Zipi will reflect in SkySlope and vice versa
  14. Once a deal has been synced, you will see the following icon next to the deal name



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