2020-12-23 Product Release


What’s new

1) We now have warning badges for add-ons.

Normal badge


 Warning badge


Error badge



2) You can click on warnings to view the warning message.


You can also mute or dismiss warnings.
Dismissing them removes the warning and muting them means you
won’t be seeing it again for that particular connection.


3) Cross reference Contacts and Profiles. 

You can go to a Contact’s profile by clicking the Profile icon on the 
Contacts page or card and back to the Contact by clicking the Contact icon.

Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V9CEN3ze5UV2kN-zbdVcx4dG0Gf3aWng


4) Navigate directly to profiles through the new Profile icon in global search. 



5) When generating 1099 reports, you can now: 

a) Mask Tax IDs
b) Choose how many users you want in the PDF report
c) Generate multiple reports for users with multiple payroll dates


6) Any expense that you add to a deal card or Rules will now have a toggle. When enabled, it means Zipi treats that expense as part of CAP in Reports, Rules, and Widgets, etc. 



  1. You can now calculate referrals as a percentage of the base commission. 
  2. We have updated the format for importing Chart of Accounts, Profiles, and Contacts to Zipi. 
  3. You can no longer create blank tags. 
  4. You can only see the deal view navigation arrows when needed.
  5. We have updated the layout for Deals >> Deposits >> Requests. 
  6. We have gotten rid of the None filter that showed even when it wasn’t selected. 
  7. You can now save blank custom fields on the edit deals page. 
  8. We have updated the Edit Invoice page so that all the buttons are aligned. 
  9. You can no longer create blank Compensation Attributes on the Contact card.
  10. We have improved the Deal dashboard calculation so that it shows the count for all the deals in the system and not update as you scroll down. 
  11. We have updated the Add Sales Entity UI and renamed it to Manage Sales Entities. 
  12. We have made some changes so that your view deals page loads faster.
  13. We have made some internal changes so you should see improved performance.  
  14. We have updated the deal approval message.
  15. We have a new CSV format for 1099 reports.

Bug Fixes

  1. Any changes you make to the profile name can now be seen on the Contact card.
  2. We have fixed the infinite scroll for Contacts >> Deal so it loads properly now. 
  3. You can now see the compensation rules for the Capping widget.
  4. Every time you update the Contact invite status, it will be reflected on the Contact card. 
  5. You will no longer see replicating widgets.
  6. We had issues where you could create multiple dual deals for one deal, that has been fixed.
  7. You can now add Closing companies without representatives to the Deals page. 
  8. You can directly delete divisions that can conduct transactions instead of deleting the Contact first. 
  9. The Deal approve status now updates when a deal is approved or unapproved. 
  10. You can no longer edit Rules on the Deal Summary page. 
  11. You will no longer have any issues with changing agents on a deal.  
  12. We now automatically update escrow contacts in SkySlope after a closing company and representative are added. 
  13. Any products that you had on invoices are replaced with -- when they are deleted.
  14. If you had issues where the numbers on your deal card did not match the numbers in the Payouts tab, they have been resolved. 
  15. If you had issues with Approve Linked Bill, they have been resolved. 


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