Step-by-Step of How to Close + Process a Deal


In this article, we will look at how you close and process a deal in Zipi. 

  1. Review the Deal Information and Transaction cards to ensure all information is correct
    Note: The closing company must be filled out in order to approve the disbursement authorization. If the deal does not have a closing company, you can use N/A.
  2. Ensure that the numbers on the Disbursement PDF, the Disbursement card, and Payouts tab match






  3. Once you confirm that these numbers match, you can approve the disbursement by clicking the Approve button


  4. Once the disbursement is approved, you cannot make any changes. If you need to make changes, you can always un-approve the deal. Read more at: How to Approve, Un-approve or Edit a Completed Disbursement
  5. After approving the disbursement authorization, you will now want to navigate to the Payouts tab
  6. Go to the Payouts tab and select Confirm Payment Received under Closing


  7. Once this process is done, Zipi will create the relevant invoices for you and the other sales entities involved. Read more at: How to Complete a Payout - Summary, Closing, Remaining
  8. Next, pay any bills, if applicable in the Remaining tab
     blobid3.png blobid10.png

  9. Finally, change deal status to Processed  



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