Step-by-Step of How to Close & Process a Deal


In this article, we will look at how to close and process a deal in Zipi. 

  1. Review the Deal Information and Transaction sections to ensure all details are correct.
    Note: The Commission Payer is required in order to approve the disbursement authorization.
  2. Ensure the numbers on the Disbursement PDF, the Disbursement cards, and Payouts tab match.






  3. Once the disbursement details have been verified, the deal can be approved by the clicking the Approve button.


  4. Following disbursement approval, the deal will not allow for any changes to be made. If changes are needed, the deal should be un-approved. Read more at: How to Approve, Un-approve or Edit a Completed Disbursement
  5. Once the deal is approved, payment information should be reviewed on the Payouts tab
  6. Go to the Payouts tab and select Confirm Payment Received under Closing


  7. Once complete, Zipi will create the relevant financial documents (i.e. invoices) for all sales entities listed on the deal. Read more at: How to Complete a Payout - Summary, Closing, Remaining
  8. If applicable, any financial documents related to payments At Remaining should be created and finalized.
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  9. For all Closed deals, remember to update the Deal Status to the latest stage.  It is recommended that Closed deals be updated to Processed in Zipi.



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