How to Complete a Payout - Summary, Closing, Remaining


In this article, we will go over the Payouts section and how to complete Payouts in Zipi. We will cover:

Viewing Payouts

The Payouts section gives an overview of how much each entity will be paid for the deal. 

  • To view Payouts, click the Payouts button at the top right of your screen

  • Under Payouts, you have three tabs:
    • Summary
    • Closing
    • Remaining



The Summary tab shows the deal type along with how much each entity gets paid in total.  

For this deal, we have three agents, all get paid by the closing company. If we edited the deal so that Speedy was paid at remaining, the entire Payouts section would update.



This tab shows how much each entity gets paid at escrow. 
If Speedy is paid at remaining, you won't see them under this tab.

Confirm Payment Received

This button is only enabled after you have approved the deal. Once a deal is approved and you have received the payments, you can click this button to create the bills and invoices in Zipi for record.  


This section shows what the brokerage may pay its agents after escrow. 
Since we only have Speedy being paid at remaining, we will see that here.

Completing Payouts 

In this section we will see how to complete Payouts in Zipi. 

  1. Go to Payouts for your approved deal


  2. Under the Closing tab, click Confirm Payment Received


  3. This opens the Process Payout popup


  4. The following fields will be filled out be default:
    1. Product/Service: You can edit this to enter another product/service


    2. Invoice/Payment Date: This shows the closing date by default, you can change that to any other date
    3. Payment Mode: How your received the payment. You can choose between
      • Check
      • Direct Deposit/EFT
      • Credit Card
      • Cash
    4.  Check #: You will only see this field is you get paid via check, this is an optional field should you choose to keep record of the check #
    5. Deposit to: Choose the bank where you received the money or deposited the check to
    6. Payments to Others shows the money the brokerage owes other entities
    7. Payments Received shows the money the brokerage gets for this deal 
    8. References shows the deal number along with the address, if any 
  5. Once you have filled out the necessary fields, click Save & Proceed


  6. Once you do this, Zipi will create the relevant bills and invoices with Paid status 
  7. You can view the invoice by clicking the link


  8. Agents can see their invoices or bills in their My Business accounts


  9. If you have an entity being paid at remaining, in this example Speedy, you can create a bill after you have paid the agent


  10. You will see the Process Payout popup


  11. You can choose to pay via Zipi Pay (if the agent has already set this us), check, or record the payment. 
  12. After you have filled out the popup, click Save & Proceed


  13. Once this is done, a bill with status Paid will be created. You can view it by clicking the link 


  14. If you have not paid the agent yet, you have the option to skip the payment for now


  15. Click Save & Proceed


  16. This will create a bill with status Open


  17. Whenever you want to pay the bill, click Pay 





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