Creating and Editing Profiles


The Profiles Page

In this section we will look at the different options on the Profiles page


  1. This lets you create a new profile
  2. This lets you expand or contract the profile cards to see if profiles are part of any divisions
  3. This is the Profile email that is synced with the Contact 
  4. This is the User email that is used for logging to Zipi
    Note: The User and Profile emails can be the same
  5. This is the division the profile is part of 
  6. This is the group the profile is part of
  7. This shows the status of the profile
  8. This links the Profile to its Contact. Clicking this will take you to the Contact card
  9. This icon shows that the user has a My Business Account, if you don't see it, that means the user doesn't have a My Business account  
  10. This icon shows a dropdown menu that you can use to change the settings of the profile

Creating Profiles

  1. In the left navigation menu, go to Company>> Directory >> Profiles


  2. This takes you to the Profiles page


  3. Click the Create New Profile button


  4. Enter the email, full name, and appropriate profile role(s) for the profile


  5. You can uncheck the Create 'My Business' portal if you don't want the profile to have one


  6. Next, expand the Create dropdown on the bottom right


    • Send invite: creates the profile and sends them an invite to Zipi to the email address used
    • No invite: creates the profile but does not send them an invite
  7. Once the profile is created, you can see them on the Profiles page


Editing Profiles

Once a profile is created, you can edit it to change anything. 

  1. To edit a profile, click the overflow menu


  2. Click Edit


  3. This lets you:
    • Edit the name, email, and role of the profile
    • Add or remove the profile from a group or division
      • Change the profile's role in that division


  4. After you make any changes, click Save



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