2020-02-18 Product Release



  1. Improved logic to match bank feed transactions.
  2. Improved process to unmatch transactions.
  3. Display all matched transactions in the side panel.
  4. Added loading of unmatched transactions for current account only.
  5. When matching the closest amount is first.
  6. In addition to automatic bank feeds, now users can manually fetch transactions in a credit-card account.
  7. Removed matched transactions from bank feed view.
  8. Feed status icon updates to blue or gray (depending on active/inactive status) in real-time.
  9. Improved messaging to fetch initial transactions from bank accounts.
  10. Added free-text search to allow users  to more easily find possible transaction matches.
  11. Resolved some ‘Banking’ module button styling issues when screen resolution is altered.

Sales & Purchases

  1. Implemented Lazy Loading for Payments Made & Payments Received.
  2. Credit Notes can now be set to recur just like recurring invoices.
  3. Recurring invoice Details side panel now allows for search.
  4. Payments Received Layout Improved


  1. Deployed Batch import of deals with Dotloop.
  2. Deployed Batch import of deals with Skyslope.
  3. Improved speed and accuracy of Skyslope search when pulling in deals using the native integration.


  1. Now users can print or export reports from their individual view page.

Compensation & Commission Calculations

  1. Option to skip financial transfers when contact record has a blank field.
  2. If a dynamic compensation attribute field is left blank for a user, we now have the option to skip the referenced financial transfer. Previously, in many cases this would default to the Company.


  1. We have introduced Custom Fields into Deals.
  2. New widget in Deal Boards for selecting custom entity profiles and groups.
  3. Removed ‘Is Paid’ functionality in favor of Disbursement approval and locking accounting periods.
  4. Added a new status titled ‘Processed’. The purpose of this new status is to help office staff to identify deals that are closed, but still may have more things to be completed before the deal can be fully recognized as finished.
  5. Replaced the deal status title ‘Dead’ with ‘Cancelled’.

Platform & Company Settings

  1. Divisions now support limiting deal visibility based on region, office, team etc.
  2. The profile menu now has two tabs with the ability to edit user settings and profile fields.
  3. Identified and remediated a number of potential scenarios that could cause duplicates.
  4. Zipi support tools have been improved to better isolate issues, more quickly identify potential issues and improve performance.


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