2020-05-08 Product Release



  1. Deal board layout improved with active card detection. 
  2. Deal board performance enhancements.
  3. Additional Deal Board filter options added and changes to filter layout.
  4. Allow Form for Requesting Deal Deposit to be submitted without a defined Payment Method .
  5. Improved Updating Workflow for Deal Deposits without page refresh.
  6. Deal Deposit 'Closed' status updated to 'Paid' 
  7. Dual Deal Stability Enhancements to care about additional edge cases.
  8. New 'None' option allows to revert an already selected Source of Business to be reverted to not have a selection. 

Deal Compensation Calculations

  1. Profile logic improved to gracefully handle exceptions for improved Compensation Functions.
  2. Financial Calculation speed improved by 300% 
  3. Source of Business 'None' option allows calculations with No Source of Business options selected to be included as a compensation profile trigger. 

Sales & Purchases

  1. Payment Received will now reference Deal name in Payment Details
  2. Legacy Invoices migrated to latest invoice model.
  3. Speed to load invoices on Invoices page has been improved (refactored database queries).


  1. Contact Class - Classes allow Contact Records to be combined into a single Class and be used in other functions throughout the system. For example a Contact Class can be used in recurring invoices (similar to how Directory Groups are currently used). 
  2. Improved contact loading performance by 70% (decreased latency).


  1. Profit & Loss report renamed to Income Statement


  1. Activate Bank feed for Existing Bank Accounts

Zipi Pay

  1. Improved User Verification Flow for Sole Proprietorship entities.
  2. Various Visual User Experience Improvements
  3. Display Currently Connected General Ledger Account 


  1. Addressed issue when Skyslope users would change their email address it would also force them to reconnect to Zipi. 
  2. Dotloop updates to improve user experience including renaming the 'Sync As' option and adding additional tooltips.
  3. Support for Dotloop Tenant Agents has been added, previously the only options was Buying Agent, but now Brokerages can use the 'Tenant Agent' type.
  4. Introduce a new 'Connections' page that shows the status of each deal connection between addons and Zipi.

Platform & Company Settings

  1. Launch new Community, Access through: zipi.app/login (signin) > Profile Menu (top right) > Need Help option 
  2. Status Column added for Companies
  3. Icons Updated system-wide to better reflect new standards for object types in the system.
  4. Additional options added to sort accounts in the Chart of Accounts
  5. Allow in-app notifications to be muted.
  6. Import module has updated import examples and the accepted date format has been updated to MM/DD/YYYY. 
  7. Fixed bug when not all users were added to default 'Company' group if there was an error during the import process.


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