2020-05-15 Product Release



  1. Improved the 'Revert' workflow process for Deal Payouts and now Void previously issued Invoices or Bills instead of deleting the reference entirely.

Sales & Purchases

  1. Payout Invoices and Bills are now are listed in their respective Source Document list view combined with traditional Source Documents.
  2. Recurring Invoices can now be set with a 'Suspended' or 'Active' status. This allows a recurring invoice to be deactivated without deleting the recurring invoice.


  1. Increased vertical margins for reports to optimize for additional printer support.
  2. Refactored Divisions and Tagging for easier data segregation.


  1. Manual Journal entries have a redesigned interface for faster data entry.


  1. Dotloop Profiles can now be synced with Zipi Divisions. This allows deals conducted under specific Dotloop profiles to be automatically credited to the correct Zipi Division. One primary use case for this is mapping a Brokerage Office between the two systems.

Platform & Company Settings

  1. Vertical Navigation improved for Marketplace Addons.
  2. Fixed bug when in some cases groups couldn't be assigned from the Directory  > Profile page.
  3. Updated financial groups in system-wide entity picker components.
  4. Improved profile deletion workflow and confirmation process.


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