2020-05-22 Product Release



  1. Adjusted Sales Price - In some scenarios the sales price that is used for calculations needs to be different then the sales price that is recorded on the contract. The Adjusted Sales Price functionality allows a user to define a contract Sales Price and base calculations off of a different Adjusted Sales Price value. 
  2. Fixed an issue when sometimes a user profile would not update to a newly assigned group's compensation plan.
  3. Deal Boards can now be created without reloading the page.
  4. Improved Cap logic and performance for pipeline calculations.


  1. Updated entities for accounting journals


  1. Removed Divisions from Tags and introduced them as a separate option in reporting.
  2. Reports that are set to run with a dynamic time period such as 'Last Month' or 'Last Year' now display the resolved dates such as Jan 1, 2020 - Jan 31, 2020


  1. The system generated 'Company' contact card has been updated to reflect the brokerage name. So now, instead of a default contact card that displays as 'Company' it will display the same name that is set in the top left company picker. 

Platform & Company Settings

  1. The top 'module-specific' navigation bar (located under the top system navigation bar) has been updated. One noticeable change in this update is that many of the horizontal tab schemes have been replaced in favor of a hyperlink title that allows for a vertical selector when clicked.
  2. A bug temporarily required that recurring invoices defined an end date. This issue has been resolved and recurring invoices have been updated to no longer require an end date.
  3. Updated Company selector dropdown.
  4. Improved the set of standards for search objects to make search results more predictable.


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