2020-05-29 Product Release


Deal Compensation Calculations

  1. Manually Enter Commission Splits - When a deal does not have a compensation plan assigned to it (or the end-user removes the compensation plan through Deal > Override functionality) there will be an option in each sales entity card to manually enter the amount that should be disbursed. 
  2. Categorize Company Commission Income through compensation profile automation or manually on the deal disbursement card.
  3. Fixed issue when 'Company' would show as commission payer if the closing company field was left blank.
  4. A new view to show compensation profiles on a per entity basis has been introduced.

Sales & Purchases

  1. Initiate refunds for credit card transactions from within Zipi. Through the Authorize.net gateway Zipi can now track refunds and record the transaction as it occurs through your connected merchant services account.
  2. The user interface for paying a bill has been improved and streamlined.
  3. When using the 'Connected Invoices or Bills' functionality between companies users must match these items to corresponding information within their company, this workflow has been improved to accommodate a larger number of items.
  4. Recurring Invoice Report  - A new report that shows the status of all invoices issued from a recurring invoice in an aging receivables format.


  1. Fixed issue for delegated contacts when source company deletes the contact from their company and the receiving company no longer has access.


  1. Trade Sheet - A printable view of the deal information has been created. This can be run from the edit or view deal page. 
  2. Additional filters have been added to better separate information for specific reporting scenarios.


  1. Additional performance improvements made to the Banking and Escrow Deposit modules.


  1. Company settings for Skyslope add-on have been moved to the Marektplace > Skyslope page. And a  new option to enter company admin credentials (different from personal credentials) can be entered. This will allow an admin to setup with auto-create feature for all deals in the company.
  2.  Auto-Create functionality for Dotloop is now available at an individual level.
  3. When manually configuring deals, addons will now let you set the percent of deal that each agent is responsible for under their brokerage. For example, if Joe and Jill are splitting a deal 50/50 under their own agreement with the broker Zipi will now accept that information from the addon and apply in within the deal calculation automatically. 
  4. Removed the need for default settings on the Dotloop connection.
  5. Additional logic has been introduced to prevent edge cases that could cause the same deal to be synced by two different users.

Platform & Company Settings

  1. Improved loading performance for the application's Login page.
  2. Logos and Icons have been updated to reflect system-wide standards.
  3. Added self-serve option to import Chart of Accounts.


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