2020-06-02 Product Release



  1. Improved the User Interface including widget titles and standardized the page layout.


  1. Fixed an issue with the Queue manager that would cause the calculation to fail in some scenarios. 
  2. Updated the Deal Board filtering logic so that the results will now correctly reflect ad-hoc changes to filters.


  1. Standardized the page layout to match other modules in Zipi.


  1. The Manual Journal Entry's Side Panel has been improved to display all input fields at-a-glance.
  2. On some 3rd party browsers the Invoice Preview would not show correctly, we identified the issue and updated the front-end to better handle those scenarios (note: Google Chrome is currently the only officially supported browser).

Platform & Company Settings

  1. Added Microsoft Authentication as a Single Sign-On (SSO) option. This allows users to authorize into Zipi from such identity services as Office 365 and Azure Active Directory corporate accounts.


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