2020-09-25 Product Release



  1. Removed requirement for Closing Date to be in the future. The closing date does not need to correspond with deal status until it needs to have the disbursement approved. 
  2. Deal status is now included in Global search.
  3. Fixed bug when trying to delete previously used source's of business, but system denied the action.
  4. Deal 'Override' button has been renamed to 'Rules' - to better reflect the current and future functionality that is found in this side panel.
  5. Rules side panel had the 'Edit' button relocated, added a global 'Revert' option, allowed to delete individual transfer rules and provides visibility to all rules even after approval.
  6. Decreased the initial load time for the Edit Deal page.
  7. Many minor updates to compensation module.
  8. Streamlined process to attach or associate unrelated invoices to deals.
  9. Adding Closing Company information on a Deal is now easier with predictive results and improvements to logic for adding adhoc contacts. 


  1. To match transactions from a bank to those inside of Zipi:
    • Added Check# references
    • Exposed all reference text through keyword filters
    • Hyperlinked contact names and transaction amounts
    • Included Deal Numbers
    • Improved sort logic by identifying absolute number of days from recorded date 


  1. When mapping invoices and bills between companies, if an adhoc label is used (instead of a product) this can now be mapped to a corresponding product in the other company.
  2. Grouped numerical columns together on Invoice List page for easier ingestion of data.
  3. Added additional filter options for the Invoice list page with ability to multi-select between both payment and invoice statuses.
  4.  Escrow Deposits Requests that have been sent can now be viewed in the dedicated module for faster access (previously this was only for received deposits).
  5. Escrow Deposits UI for payments and releases on the Deal page have been improved and logic added to streamline additional common use cases.
  6. Add the payment status to printed invoices and bills.
  7. In many areas we changed the displayed payment indicator from 'Pending Balance' to 'Pending Payment'.
  8. Improved list view of Payments Made & Payments Received. These payment records have also been added to global search. 
  9. Vendor column in bills has been expanded to reduce the need for multiple rows in a single field.


  1. Company names within an account must all be unique. This was done to help avoid duplicates and improve options for data integrity between 3rd party systems on the platform.


  1. New Report: Agent Cap Report - users can run a report on one or many agents to identify where they are in relation to their current upper cap limit before graduating to the next subsequent tier of a compensation plan.
  2. Report creation has been optimized.
  3. Report results and formatting have been updated in many areas to better reflect desired data output. 
  4. Added header information to all report csv exports.
  5. Insights module editing was improved.


  1. Configured the settings page in different browser tab.
  2. All contacts to a connected deal are now synced with Zipi (previously we ignored any contacts that were considered 'other').
  3. Modified auto-sync messages to better describe event(s).


  1. Configured the settings page in different browser tab.
  2.  Fixed bug that would freeze connections which failed during an auto-create event and then subsequently synced manually by another user.


  1. Add 'Divisions' to the Profile import.

Platform & Company Settings

  1. Resolved header bug when scrolling to bottom of a page. 
  2. Added new workflow to allow user (profile) email addresses to be changed to match an existing account.
  3. Fixed notifications side panel white space footer issue.


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