How to Integrate Google Data Studio

The Data Studio connector allows you to access the Zipi database and fetch data you have permission for. You can then use this data to create customized reports for your brokerage.
Note: This is currently a Beta feature that requires activation in order to be used. Please contact your Zipi Customer Success representative for assistance
Note: You will need a Google account to access Data Studio. You don't need one for Zipi though.

In this article we will cover:

Permissions for Google Data Studio

For anyone in your brokerage to be able to view Data Studio in Marketplace, you need to check the permission in Roles. If the Google Data Studio option isn't checked, no one will see it in Marketplace


Note: Once you give a user access to Google Data Studio, they will have access to all company data regardless of their permissions in Zipi. 

User vs. Company Level Add-ons

Unlike SkySlope and Dotloop, the Data Studio Connector can be activated on both the company and user level.

Company level

Activating the add-on on a company level allows the user to access to the company's data. If the company has this disabled, you will see Not Available next to the company name in the dropdown when using Data Studio.

To activate Data Studio on a company level, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Marketplace

  2. Go to the All tab and click Activate for Google Data Studio

  3. You will now see Google Data Studio under the Activated tab

User Level

Activating this add-on on a user level means, if you are part of multiple companies, activating it on one company will activate it for all others. If you don't have this activated, you will see this error when accessing Data Studio.

To activate Data Studio on a user level, follow these steps:
  1. Click Apps under the Profile icon

  2. Go to the User Addons tab

  3. Click Activate for Data Studio

Setting up Google Data Studio

  1. Your brokerage activates Google Data Studio on a company level for you. 

  2. You can then activate it on a user level yourself. 

  3. Go to

  4. Click Get Started

  5. Search for Zipi


  6. Click Zipi
  7. Click Authorize

  8. Sign-in to your Google account


  9. Click Allow


  10. Next, click Authorize under Zipi


  11. This takes you to your Zipi account, click Allow


  12. You have the option to choose:
    • What company you want to run the reports for, if you are part of multiple companies
    • What table you want to run the report for

  13. Once you select a table and company, click Connect at the top right corner of your screen

  14. You will now see the data you have permission for along with its data type, aggregation, and description. You can also see the Create Report button.


  15. You can add more fields to the table or more parameters to a field by clicking the Add a Field or Add a Parameter buttons. These will allow the you to modify the tables at your end only for the reports
  16. Click Create Report
  17. This creates a new report for you where you can see some of the data in the table. You can manipulate it to create the charts or reports you need.





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