Introduction to 'My Business' for Agents


What is a 'My Business' account?

In real estate every sales person (real estate agent) needs to manage their own business. The most common way real estate agents set this up is through a sole proprietorship, but can be a partnership, LLC, S-Corp or even a Corporation. The 'My Business' portal is designed to allow these real estate agents or even teams to have a separate set of books to manage and track their own finances (separate from the broker).

In Zipi each user can only have one 'My Business' account. This means that if an agent starts with a broker and decides to associate with a different brokerage the agent will keep the existing 'My Business' account and does not need to create a new account. The loosing broker will be able to finish up any closing issues (if allowed through through permissions) and the winning broker will be able to establish a new connection to the agent's existing 'My Business' account. This flow ensures that the agent's business and existing financials remain correct through the transition.



In Zipi, there are two primary account types and they are referred to as 'My Business' and 'Company' (or brokerage) accounts. The difference is that a 'My Business' account provides the agent their own unique space to manage their books. It can also allow the agent to connect their books to a brokerage that enable automation between the two accounts for bookkeeping purposes. With a 'My Business' account, you can:

  1. Add and remove contacts to their database, for use in processing deals.

  2. View their own deal flow and progress.

  3. Add and edit their own deals or import from their Dotloop and SkySlope accounts.

  4. Enter in their own invoices and bills, and connect source documents.

  5. View and pay their bills.

  6. Generate reports.

Next Step (for Agents): Setup your Zipi Pay


👍🏻My business is enabled by default for each agent, with access to features set by the User Permission Settings.


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