How to Setup Authorize.Net for an Unsupported Processing Provider


In order to process credit card transactions on Zipi, you will need to have an Authorize.Net account active. However, if you have an existing payment processor, you can still use Zipi through an activated Authorize.Net account that connects to your existing processor.

At 1/23/2020, Authorize.Net supports:

  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions / Vital / VisaNet

  • Chase Paymentech

  • Elavon / Nova

  • First Data (Nashville / FDCN / FDMS / Envoy)

  • First Data Omaha (FDCO / FDR-First Data Resources)

  • Global Payments (GPS / GPN / NDC)

  • WorldPay / RBS Lynk / Lynk Systems

  • Heartland Payment Systems

  • AmexDirect (Non US merchants processing USD, GBP and EUR)

Your Authorize.Net support team will be the best contact for setting up your connection. Please contact Authorize.Net to configure your account to integrate your existing payment processor.

Authorize.Net have provided the following steps, from this page

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface.

  2. Click Contact Us from the top right corner of the page.

  3. Click Support Cases link.

  4. Click Support Cases on the Support Center.

  5. Under Create Case click Processor Update.

  6. In the Support Case Description provide from the the associated processor configuration information for your account/update.

Note: You can find the ‘associated processor configuration information’ under your payment processor’s heading on the support page here.

    7.Click Submit.

You can sign up for an Authorize.Net account here:


📔Note: You can select 'Payment Gateway Only' if you will use your own payment processor.


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