How to Setup Zipi Pay for Agents


When you log-in to your Zipi account for the first time, you will have access to two (2) companies: 1) Company Account (e.g. Axe Capital Real Estate) and 2) My Business (a separate financial management tool for your business).

If you do not have access to My Business, please contact your company administrator.

To navigate between both accounts, simply click on the account name that appears in the upper-left corner of the page (e.g. My Business), and a drop down will appear. Select the account you want to open.

If you are currently in My Business you do not need to switch accounts. If you are not, select My Business for the following steps.

You will see a red exclamation point next to the Search bar and a Marketplace menu item in the left navigation bar. Please click either one.

Excellent! You should see the following screen. Click Activate.

Click Setup New Account.

After clicking Setup New Account, you will be instructed to fill out the following information:

1. Will this be an Operating Account or Trust Account?

⚠️ An Operating Account must be activated prior to establishing a "Trust" account type

2. Business Type - What is your business structure and how do you legally file your taxes? If you don't know please ask your CPA before completing this application.

  • Individual
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Sole Proprietor (DBA)
  • Trust
  • Unincorporated Association
  • Partnerships (LP, LLP)*
  • Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)*
  • S Corporation*
  • Corporation*
  • Non-Profit*
  • Public Corporation*
  • Government*

⚠️ If the incorrect business type is selected, your application will be rejected or you will be asked to supply additional documentation.

**If you select Individual or Sole Proprietorship, you will notice that several fields will no longer be needed and you can enter just your personal information and move on to step #7 - your Address**

3. (For all business types other than Individual and Sole Proprietorship)Business Name is the company's legal business name. e.g. McDonald's Corporation

4. Select the best Business Classification category for your business.

5. (For all business types other than Individual and Sole Proprietorship)Doing Business As ("DBA" or Trade Name or Fictitious Name) is the name by which people know your business. e.g. McDonald's.

6. Business Address must match the address you have on your corporate documentation or business bank account.

⚠️ The address you provide will be verified. It's helpful to use the same address on file with your bank account. If the address does not match, you will be required to provide additional documentation.

7. The Owner is the owner of this Zipi Pay account. 

8. Review and agree to the Terms of Service

9. Agree & Continue

NOTE: If you select a Business Type with an * (step #2 above) you must provide these additional fields:

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) 
  • Controller

⚠️ Who is a controller? A person legally responsible for company finances and banking. This can be the same person as the company owner or a separate company controller. They will need the login credentials for the bank account being connected to Zipi Pay.

Review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies at the bottom, select the check boxes, then click Agree & Continue.

Once you've created your Zipi Pay account you'll be asked to Connect a Bank Account.

  • Click Connect my Bank Account to proceed.

 Add new Funding Source to existing Company Gateway

  • Update this to be my Default Deposit Account - The bank account you connect to Zipi Pay will be the default account for transfers/deposits from your Zipi Pay account. 
  • Review and agree to Dwolla terms and click Agree & Continue

  • Click Continue to select your bank
  • Search for your Bank     mceclip0.png  

Enter your bank login credentials (NOT your Zipi login credentials)


Select the account (e.g. Checking or Savings) you want connected to Zipi Pay.

Repeat this process to connect additional accounts. 

You may see a ⚠️ which means there are a few additional steps to Complete Setup.

Click Complete Setup for instructions.

Here's one example:

  • Choose 'Create Default Account' to create a default general ledger / chart of account for this bank.

⚠️ Your Zipi Pay account will not be active until you select: Create Default Account or Select Existing Account.

Why is this necessary? Click here

  1.  If required, list all owner details for each individual person that holds at least a 25% stake in the company.
  2.  Certify the information by selecting the checkbox and click Continue.

Your Zipi Pay account is active and ready to go!


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