2020-02-02 Product Release



  1. Delegated Contacts
  2. Linking Delegated Information (Details and Locations)
  3. Default Disbursement Instructions can be found under Payment Method
  4. Default Disbursement Instructions can be overridden with 'Compensation Attributes'
  5. Categories Control Contacts that can be Delegated
  6. Remove redundant contact header company/individual fields.
  7. UI/UX Improvement

Journal Entries

  1. Manual Journal Entries now Support Recurring Journals
  2. Templates can now be created and used during Journal Creation 

Terminology (System-Wide)

  1. 'Seller Agent' is now 'Listing Agent'


  1. Product Report Improvements
  2. Contact Info Report Improvements 


  1. Search Improvements
  2. UI Improvements
  3. Ability to search across Listings and Transactions
  4. Performance Enhancements


  1. Search Improvements
  2. Performance Enhancements 


  1. Sales Entity Picker Updated
  2. Removed Disbursement PDF icon and replace with 'Pay at Closing' toggle
  3. Removed Disbursement Instructions icon and replaced with Custom Disbursement Instructions toggle. 

Finance > Compensation

  1. Compensation Profile Card Improvements
  2. Ability to expand and collapse compensation cards 

Super Admin

  1. Ability to Revoke pending account Invites
  2. Stabilized new licensing controls for sales people 


  1. Stabilized Divisions to be support common use cases such as team calculations. 

Bank Reconciliation

  1. Set opening balances.
  2. Choose reconciliation periods and select transactions for those periods.
  3. This process will lock those transactions to ensure the bank statement matches the transactions within Zipi.


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