2020-03-30 Product Release



  1. Dual Deals released for General Availability, this addresses the common dual agency scenario that many brokers support for their agents.
  2. Introduced a new deal status type known as 'Processed'. This acts similarly to 'Closed' but allows office staff to distinguish between deals that were closed for the seller and the file being closed out for the brokerage.
  3. Fixed bug with sales compensation element applying through compensation automation.
  4. Added ability to delete deal on edit deal page.
  5. Fixed permission issue to allow user to create deals without manage company permission.
  6. Added ability to revert the action when a deal payout is marked Paid.
  7. Disallowed users to override compensation after it is approved.
  8. Optimized fetching invoices when editing a deal.
  9. Custom Fields can be added in Deals.

Deal Compensation Calculations

  1. Commission calculations can now take advantage of Base Commission or Gross Commission calculations.
  2. Compensation elements can now be applied to the 'primary agent', 'other agents', or 'all agents' on a deal.
  3. Deal Calculations have been optimized into a single queue system.
  4. Fixed bug when multiple sales compensation elements were added and in some cases would not allow the profile to be saved.
  5. A new element condition has been created for 'Aggregate Gross Commission'.

Sales & Purchases

  1. Recurring Invoices can now be found under the Invoices module.
  2. Recurring Credit Notes can now be found under the Credit Notes module.
  3. Invoices are now limited to select only one Zipi Pay option per invoice.
  4. Improvements to user interface for the Deduct Invoice from Deal process.
  5. Added support for additional workflow that Recurring Invoices can address.
  6. Fixed bug with Recurring Invoice Details side panel and improved for use with large number of contacts.
  7. Fixed delay when choosing existing credit cards.
  8. Improved controls over stored credit cards.
  9. Improved messaging when a credit card gets denied.
  10. Fixed bug when associating new invoices with companies that already had an invoice issued.
  11. Credit Notes are now visible to at the company level.
  12. Improved certification statement to allow for Bill Pay services.
  13. Payment status now includes 'Pending', primarily for invoices that are being deducted from a deal at closing.
  14. Added more granular permission control options for these modules.
  15. Added ability to charge a credit card directly on invoices without being stored.
  16. Vendor Credits can not be applied to expenses.


  1. Expanded Ledger Chart of Accounts sub-accounts to additional account types.


  1. Contacts has been improved for fast scrolling and searching with large quantity of records.
  2. Improved import process.
  3. Improved logic to reduce the possibility of duplicates being created when a new user is added in the directory.
  4. Fixed bug when sometimes you couldn't delete a compensation attribute that was no longer being used.


  1. Existing reports can now be printed before being saved.


  1. Display bank balances on each respective account page.

Zipi Pay

  1. Initial bank funding source auto-selected as default.
  2. Added additional logic for individuals to verify their account.
  3. Added ability to transfer money to and from Zipi Pay directly in the Zipi Pay UI.


  1. Bulk Import, added ability to bulk import deals.
  2. Added a new summary page for Dotloop and Skyslope that displays the status of all connected deals.
  3. Skyslope & Dotloop Ability to detect and configure Dual Agency relationships.
  4. Skyslope & Dotloop Error Handling, Messaging & Indicator Improvements.
  5. Expanded Skyslope deal search options.
  6. Added ability for Deals to 'Sync As' Dotloop 'Listing Broker' or 'Buying Broker'
  7. Improved sync status indicators in Zipi.

Platform & Company Settings

  1. Viewing group members is now available in the side panel.
  2. Fixed bug when deleting members from a group would not propagate everywhere.
  3. New notification banner for system-wide messaging.
  4. Directory > Users has been improved for fast scrolling and searching with large quantity of users.
  5. Additional stability testing deployed.
  6. Improvements to the Profile menu.
  7. General improvements to importing records into Zipi.
  8. Fixed bug where the deal status would inadvertently be updated.
  9. Additional details and resolution options added in user notifications.


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