2020-06-19 Product Release



  1. If a user has permission for the Deals module, but has not created a board yet; Zipi will create a default deal board automatically based on permissions. This board will either allow a user to see all deals in the company or just the logged in user's deals (based on permissions assigned to the user through Roles).
  2. Fixed bug when some specific parameters were used the deal board would return no results.
  3. Updated Deal Calculations to facilitate additional brokerage scenarios.
  4. Modified placement of tags within the Edit Deals page to a dedicated column.
  5. In the compensation module, Deal Criteria has been updated to 'Triggers'. This was improved based on user-feedback on how to better understand the purpose of the input and resulting action.
  6. Added additional protection around the 'unapprove' logic. In scenarios when a payout was already recorded a deal cannot be unapproved unless the payout is first reverted. 


  1. Bank feed transactions can now be sorted based on column headers.


  1. Improved front-end invoice creation logic to address scenarios when loss of connectivity occurs.
  2. Layout of Product mapping between companies has been improved.
  3. The Bills module has been optimized to quickly render large query requests.
  4. In addition to Zipi Pay refunds, transactions processed through Credit Cards can now be refunded directly within Zipi (removing the need to navigate to an external merchant services payment gateway). The refund option will be presented after a payment is made on the invoice and payment received modules.


  1. Additional optimizations; combined queries, updated relations model, increased quantity of returned results, moved additional details to single contact page.
  2. Updated Contacts module to ensure correct information is shown during preview. Previously some information would not update when switching between contact previews.
  3. Logic for Division created entities has been improved to better convey this information in the Contacts module.


  1. Recurring Invoice Report - This release allows a user to select from existing recurring invoices to find the status of issued invoices for specified time periods.


  1. Resolved an error that would occur when the checklist required both agent's information 'Other side agent not defined'.
  2. Added 'type of deal' to the manual sync page.
  3. Refactored auto-create to reduce the load on compute resources.
  4. Remove addon connection on deal deletion when initiated from anyone (not just the user that established the connection). 
  5. Updated addon to work with Skyslope's new endpoints for communication between the two applications.


  1. Dotloop does not support a separate fields for Loop participant First/Last name and instead uses a single field 'Full Name'. For synchronization purposes, Zipi now assumes that anything after the first space in this Full Name field will be the participant's last name. 

Zipi Pay

  1. Added additional information about the business entity application.
  2. Improved visibility of Trust vs Operating account type applications.
  3. Zipi Pay accounts can now be created without being associated to the General Ledger, but that process must be completed before a transfer occurs. 
  4. Transactions initiated through a connected Zipi Pay account now automatically create appropriate journal entries.
  5. Updated funding source reference titles to better reflect understanding of transfers in the Zipi Pay Activity feed.


  1. Made improvements to the Processed Deals import process and capabilities.
  2. Improved the import titles to better reflect the expected inputs.

Platform & Company Settings

  1. Directory > Profiles layout was improved to better represent Division and Group memberships.
  2. All sections of the Directory have been updated to include infinite scroll capabilities.
  3. Standardized layout for Marketplace listings.
  4. Performance and Optimization improvements including memory storage logic.
  5. Improved global search to include additional types of items.
  6. Fixed slicing issue where notification bell badge indicator would get cutoff when viewing Zipi with non-standard display screen resolutions.
  7. Updated favicon in browser application to match new marketing site.


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