How to Create a Task Board


Goals give you a powerful way to gain visibility on your team’s performance. Goals can also help promote accountability and transparency within your team, allowing you to measure the steps taken towards top performance, or where team members require more help.


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  1. Tasks > Manage


    2. Below the Group heading, search your group.


    3. Choose the Goal Type:


                a.  Attain goals mean a goal where success is measured by a number of outcomes, towards a target amount. Such as the number of sales calls made per month.

                b. General goals are goals that cannot be tracked by numbers. Such as a goal to take more breaks, or to stand up during sales phone calls, etc.

                c. Progress goals mean a goal where success is measured by an increase or decrease, such as the average commission % or number of contacts in a database.


    4. Select the Time Period for this goal, such as daily, weekly or monthly.

    5.  Enter the name of your goal in the Title section.

    6. Enter the target number in the by amount section.

    7. Click Save.

You have now added a new team goal.


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