Where to Add Disbursement Fees



  1. Guidance Questions
  2. Example Fees

Knowing where and when to add particular disbursement fees in a deal does not need to be challenging. For new transaction coordinators, the following information may be helpful.

Read and consider the following questions to guide you in knowing where a fee should be removed:


  • From which ‘pot’ or sub-total is the fee removed? Is it taken from the deal, company or individual agent?

  • Who is the fee shared between? If a fee is shared between agents, charge the fee to the correct pot and use an override to adjust the amounts.

  • When does a fee apply? For performance bonuses or caps, make sure they are properly integrated with your commission profiles. 

  • Referral fees

  • Royalties

  • Mentor fees

  • Team Member fees

  • Title Insurance

  • Title Search

  • Software Charges

  • Escrow fee

  • Settlement fees

  • Taxes

  • Marketing fees

  • Desk fees


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