Onboarding Expectations

  • In order for us to properly ensure an accurate setup of your account, you'll be asked to complete our Intake Form as soon as possible. The more detailed you are the better, especially when it comes to your commission structures.
  • Once the form is completed, our Customer Success Team will reach out to you to schedule your Discovery Call.
  • To best prepare for the onboarding process, we highly recommend that you and your team watch these short videos to understand the onboarding flow and how the modules are interconnected: Prepare for Onboarding (YouTube)

(download examples in your account here https://nimb.ws/qImMoU)

  1. Company organizational structure outline (EINs, Offices + Locations)
  2. Chart of Accounts (for each EIN, Office or separate set of books, if applicableIf you don't have a company Chart of Accounts, you may choose from Zipi Defaults.
  3. Complete Outline for all Commission Plans, including:
    • Splits + Caps
    • Team structures
    • Recruiting Plans
    • Referrals
    • Royalties
    • Transaction Fees
    • Source of Business triggers
    • Other Fees
  4. Detailed Outline for all Commission Plans (upload to intake form)
  5. Sample Disbursement Authorization for each commission scenario (upload to intake form)
  6. Monthly Agent Billing Fees / Services
  7. Agent Roster (emails must match in SkySlope or Dotloop)
  8. SkySlope or Dotloop Credentials
  9. Historical Deals Information (If you want historical deals imported. Remember, imported deals also count toward your deal balance)
  10. Authorize.net credentials (if processing credit cards)

By providing as much detail as possible will help us effectively build your plans into Zipi and help you automate the deal and commission disbursement process.

Click here for a very detailed example of a complex commission plan.

We ask that you thoroughly think through every scenario when it comes to splits, caps, anniversary/reset dates, tiers, fees (E&O, admin) associated to deals and triggers. Triggers are how Zipi assigns a commission plan to a deal. For example, if your commission plan is "triggered" by a particular type of deal (listing, buyer or referral), class (residential or commercial), source, GCI or adjusted gross amount, sales volume range, closing date, etc, these are all considered triggers.

Also, keep in mind that every commission plan is associated with your accounting module (as outlined in the videos above). We highly recommend that you include which product or service you want associated with each commission plan on your spreadsheet. Our team can help you with this as well.

Again, our goal is to automate as much of the real estate transaction process as possible; freeing you and your team up to focus on other top-level activities. Creating this ecosystem can take some time and we greatly appreciate your time-sensitive communication and patience.

Our team is here to assist you every step of the way so don't hesitate to reach out.

⚠️ We highly recommend that you consult your controller, bookkeeper or accountant for accounting setup strategy (e.g. chart of accounts, services/products). We, Zipi, are not bookkeepers nor accountants and cannot provide accounting strategy advice. We have access to a network of professionals that you may contact. Their fees vary but have agreed to provide a complimentary 15-30 minute consultation for Zipi clients.

We know you're excited to dive right in and begin using Zipi but there are a few things we want to caution you about before jumping the gun.

  • Changing the primary point-of-contact during onboarding can slow down the process.
  • Please DO NOT add any new users, create any commission structures, set up the chart of accounts or import any data. We have a specifically designed process to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Our goal is to automate as much of the real estate transaction process as possible, from new opportunities to commission payouts and bookkeeping; freeing you and your team up to focus on other top-level activities. Creating this ecosystem is brokerage-specific and can take some time. We greatly appreciate your time-sensitive communication and patience.


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