How to Change a User's Email Address


The email address the important part of an account. This can be used for your Profile and login credentials and it can also be used for linking/syncing other applications in order to ease the process of getting the information from platform to the other. 

With Zipi you can do all of this. 


In this article, we will learn how to update/change the email address.


A. If the Agent has not yet accepted the Zipi Invitation, you can change their email address for Zipi throughout the system in the Directory.

 This controls/changes all of the following:

  1. Login Email (Profile Record)
  2. The email that syncs with SkySlope (Directory record)
  3. Email where invoices/financials are sent (Contact Record)

B. If the user has already accepted their invitation to Zipi, these three fields are controlled independently:

1. Login Email: is changed BY THE USER ONLY in their user profile: 

   📔Note:  You can place any email address in the My Login tab. This will not affect in anyway your profile email this is just for your login credentials.


Directory record: Zipi recognizes the user in SkySlope/Zipi sync based on the Zipi directory email (very important): Admin can change that in the directory.



Must match the email in SkySlope moving forward for syncing.

It will then ask you if you'd like to ALSO change the email in the Contacts records. 

 Contacts: Zipi sends communication and invoices to the email in Contacts. The ONLY way to currently change an AGENT email in the contacts (all other contacts emails are controlled in Contacts module) is to update their Directory email and then click the button to update the contact record.

** If you want to update the contact record and keep the SkySlope/ Dotloop integrations email:

  1. Change directory email and "Update Contact" to update contact record 
  2. Change directory email back and say "Skip" to update contact record


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