Divisions vs Groups


What is a Division?

Divisions allow your organization to structure and separate data according to physical or logical boundaries. A broker that operates across regions, states, or offices can use divisions to keep information or users organized. Another use case for Divisions would be for teams. If a broker allows for teams to be enabled for their organization these teams (divisions) will be able to operate as a unit in the brokerage account, but will also be able to take advantage of a division business account. A Division Business Account allows teams to track and run their business financials in a separate company (similar to our current agent My Business account offering).

Divisions with uniquely configured email addresses will also be made available to sync deal with integration partners.

  Learn more about creating divisions.

What is a Group?

Groups are used to join multiple users together for a purpose. Common use cases for Groups include agents that are contracted under the same type of compensation plan or if contacts should be shared to a large number of users.

  As shown on the screenshot above certain groups have already been created to mainly define the function and purpose of each group. 

Learn more about creating groups.

Creating Divisions and Groups makes tracking and identifying users very easy and more streamlined where you can just add, remove and move users among the Divisions and Groups created with ease. 


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