How to Create a Group



Groups is a way of organizing your users (from Profiles module) to be applied in various other functions in Zipi. The most common use cases for this is assigning a group to a particular Invoice or to be used in the Rules feature  to assign the group to a particular commission plan. 

  1. In the left navigation menu, go to Company > DirectoryGroups


  2. Click the Create Group button at the top right of your screen


  3.  Enter the following: 
    1. Title (required), or the name of the group 
    2. Subgroup of, if you want this group to be a subgroup of another group
    3. Copy Settings, if you want the new group to have the same settings as another group. Use Default if not
    4. You can enable Enable User Finance Group to use this group in Rules (Compensation plan module)
  4. Click Create to finish creating your group






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